by Setsuna

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Recorded in the winter of 2013 leading into 2014 at The Mop Shop (New Britain High School)

This EP was also released on tape by Girls Cartel Records (Steph's Label!). Limited edition first press of cassettes on translucent purple. Hand numbered out of 98, screen printed and assembled by us.

To get a tape, please visit


released February 4, 2014

Kevin Covill - Guitar/Vocals
Benny Cleinman- Guitar/Vocals
Steph Dibona - Bass/Vocals
Al McCarthy - Drums/Vocals

All music/lyrics written by Setsuna

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jason Karwowski

We can't thank Jason enough for doing this! You rule dude!



all rights reserved


Setsuna New Britain, Connecticut

Setsuna is a post-hardcore band from New Britain, CT.

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Track Name: Paper Wolves
The echoing of howling- you say that I need help but you’re not offering
I thought we watermarked these pages but its only paper and its tearing

And you’ve left me in the snow and it's not melting anymore
And now I’m in the cold coming up with reasons (for me to live for)

You folded me into a paper airplane
A dead letter sent away and forgotten
And now you want me to just return damaged
I won’t be blind to all of these frayed ends

But when did it change? I thought we’d never stray
I was a fool to think that the bonds we shared would never rip away
Do you really wish me well and hope that I’m okay?
Or do you whimper and hang your head at the thought of sincerity?

This vicious cycle- you want to unfold but I’m crumpling
So I’ll just bare my teeth, a wolf just like you- I know what’s coming

You’re hungry like them I know you’re not harmless
But I’ve learned to not feed into your starving
They’re just paper cuts and I’ll keep on healing
Meet me at the door when you stop howling
Track Name: Brightness Divides
Our voices fading, echoes in the dark to where I followed you
We can’t see anything, our shadows danced away into the night
I was trying just to wave goodbye

You’ll remember me as shameful history, regrets, and a share of enemies
I’ll remember you as silent charge- I forgot my will until I heard the alarms
And that black cloud that floated on it rained on us, we sang along
to the tune of a wasted year our hearts sank until they almost disappeared and tired hands folded paper cranes
And to our luck nothing changed
The world could end, it’s all the same
I’ll stand like stone as the earth shakes

So tell me what we’re doing here
We scream in caves that no one hears

So tell me where is brightness now
Under streetlights we scream so loud

And we wanted silence, we wanted freedom, we wanted hope: they don’t exist.
I’ll trace my footsteps out of the dark, I’ll wave goodbye when I’ve found brightness
Track Name: Under Stones
Can I shed this skin in the sake of progress?
Without it there would be no comfort left for me to sleep in and moving
on just doesn’t feel like an option
I’m as set in stone as all of my bad habits
All I wanted was to not feel like a burden
It only hurts worst when I know you’re worrying
It’s something that I didn’t want to share
So forget all of the times that I wished that you cared
But I’m sick of all these ceilings and not enough bright skies
And telling everyone I meet that they’ve caught me at a bad time
I guess I need to learn to love me
But I’m not convinced I can because of my history
(There was) a time when my friends were
Blood under my fingernails and smoke from my cigarettes
Anything to block out the noise like
Late night lonely drives or trying to kill my voice
But it was your driveway I parked in that night
You told me it was okay to not know how to make this right
A simple plea- tell me not to hurt myself
It doesn’t mean anything from anyone else
I’ll try not to live everyday like a sleepless twenty four hour trudge to my grave
I’ll try to find my own strength, I just need to push all of these stones away
I’ll try to make it through today if you don’t concern yourself with how I medicate
One day I’ll change all of my ways, maybe not today, but one day, one day, one day
Track Name: Last Hours
I’ve never known isolation like this
The view of sunlight has been blocked by my fists
And the hours keep counting down
I’m thinking of a future where I’m not around
You can’t reach me, I’ve raised all my defenses
I did it for safety but it just made me selfish how should I feel, when I’m losing everything,
When I’ve taught myself the last few years to not feel anything?
And the full moon keeps looking down at me
It might as well forever because the tides seem to never change forme
And the seasons are forgetting to change
There was a time when I was warm but it seems so far away
So do I wait for the cold earth’s embrace?
Or do I just pray that the rain washes this all away?
Because I feel like I may never change
Theres no turning back when you’ve become this way
Do I walk as far as I can into the waters?
They all know I’m acting when they hear my laughter
I’ve been exposed, the curtains dropped to the floor
I don’t recognize my own voice anymore
So save your breath: I’m not the person that you knew before

There’s torches for the haze, and umbrellas for the rain
But I don’t want to carry them every step of every day
If I can start living, and maybe believing
I’ll be fine until next time I feel it coming from under my skin creeping

Wax/wane- They all can tell I’m falling out of phase
Track Name: Untitled
Walking out, I’ll finally flee, you don’t understand my needs
Breaking out from these bonds, I don’t know what I want

And I would kill our happiness for my most desired caress
Am I living in the past, or just quitting while I’m ahead?

I’m watching life passing me, sinking friendships lost at sea
I wanted to still be in love but they’re drowning without me

[so please…drown with me]

Let’s keep this between you and me: I will never be happy
I’ll quit until my heart’s content but this one way street is at an end
This is what it’s like to be completely unsatisfied
Don’t waste a word I know who I am in your eyes

Now: I’m just a shadow hiding behind a hanging sheet
Or a ghost under every step of your feet